One Direction Tease 'Our Moment' Fragrance Ad

Harry Styles

Harry Styles teases the new One Direction perfume ad.
Photo: One Direction YouTube

As you probably have written on your calendar, One Direction's first fragrance, "Our Moment," hits shelves in 11 days, on August 25th. As you also probably know, the VMAs are that day. Is August 25th gearing up to be the greatest day in history? Yes. Yes, it is.

We already have some of the deets on 1D's first foray into fragrance: it's a "vibrant and playful fruity floral," comprised of pink grapefruit, wild berries, redcurrants, jasmine, freesia, musk, and a touch of patchouli. A familiar recipe: combining several things (scents/band members) for perfection. I can dig it. The packaging is ultra-feminine, with a pale pink bottle that's topped off with a bedazzled crown and some tulle. The packaging will appeal to both teen girls and the Queen of England, an intersecting demographic that is normally very hard to achieve. Congrats, boys, killin' it as always!

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson teases the new One Direction perfume ad.
Photo: One Direction YouTube

In the past two days they have released v. mysterious teaser videos on their YouTube page that don't really tell us much about the fragrance, but provide 4 seconds worth of close-up faces to ogle study. The first video features a very tan Louis looking through a camera loop, putting it down, and then staring quizzically into the camera. The lighting is very soft, the image a bit fuzzy, and in the background is not a One Direction song—missed opportunity to include the song "Moments," hello!—but a jingle that sounds like it would fit right in on the soundtrack of a Tim Burton movie. The second teaser has the same music, but features Harry smelling a flower and then looking into the camera and subtly smiling. Verrrry intriguing, fellas. The other three teasers will be released throughout the week, so prepare yourselves to hear more of that Christmas-y jingle and see close-up video of Niall, Liam, and Zayn's cute lil' faces.



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