Kendrick Lamar Ushers In New Personal Style Era With 'Control' Verse

Kendrick Lamar

Enter the age of Kendrick Lamar in white tees and Nike Cortez sneakers.
Photo: Getty Images

Last night and all day today, Kendrick Lamar has been at the forefront of every hip-hop conversation thanks to an inspired (as if any one adjective could do it justice) verse on a track called "Control" which was originally meant for Big Sean's forthcoming Hall Of Fame album but won't appear reportedly due to sample-clearance issues. The centerpiece of discussion is Kendrick's heated by-name call-out of a laundry list of MCs: J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Wale, Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Tyler, The Creator, Mac Miller and even Sean and Jay Electronica who flank K-Dot on the track. More than a jarringly high profile call-to-action name drop, though, Lamar's verse is an iron-fisted mandate, an ultimatum that the entire rap game step up lyrically else he's pilfering all his friends' fans. What does this have to do with style? Amidst Kendrick's tough love edict to elevate the genre, he also rejects high fashion, ushering in a new era for his personal style.

To be true, K-Dot was never really one to get too caught up in the hypebeast. Sure, there's been the token Creature of the Black Lagoon sweatsuit and that very Versace co-ordinates look from the "How Many Drinks? (Remix)" music video, and let's be honest, magazine shoots don't count. But for the most part, he keeps his look pretty simple. Welp, evidently, it wasn't simple enough because now, he "ain't rockin' no more designer s***." This era of Kendrick will from henceforth be defined by "White tees and Nike Cortez" (see above) and occassionally "dressed in all black." Here at MTV Style, we'll be fans of the Good Kid no matter what he wears, especially because we know the value (not to mention, morning routine time-shaving qualities) of a personal uniform. But also, be sure we noted the one fashion exception in K-Dot's "Control" feature: "Cartier bracelets for [his] women friends." *achem* Kendrick, do we count? *bats lashes, dusts off wrist*

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