One Direction Stan Swag: Watch The Boys On The VMAs In Some New Gear

One Direction Swag

Get your swag on for One Direction.
Photo: One Direction Store/Etsy/Urban Outfitters/Elekiddo/Etsy

Oh haiiii fellow Directioners. Did you hear? HAVE YOU HEARD THE AMAZING NEWS? That's right, our fave five boys (One Direction, DUH) are not only nominated for a 2013 VMA—uhhh "Best Song Ever" is obviously the Best Song of the Summer (brand new VMA category, whatup!)—but will also be presenting an award to me, for being their biggest fan. The 1D boys will go head-to-head in this brand new category against Miley's "We Can't Stop," Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding's "I Need Your Love," and Selena Gomez's "Come & Get It." Since the boys may get to head back to the UK with some #swag (hello, KAWS-designed Moonman), you should get some #swag to rep your fave band as you sit in your living room and watch the VMAs.

The first necessity for watching the VMAs in 1D style is an Official 1D Onesie that displays your allegiance to the greatest band on the planet. This red one is perfect in several ways: the color shows that you're red-hot for the band which, well, duh, and it has pockets for snacks or smaller 1D paraphernalia (aka "Little Things," LOL LOL).

Your other fashun choice is a sweatshirt that lists the boys' names in no discernible order. This allows your h8ers to know that even though you may have a fave (Harry 4eva), you stand with all of the boys in their quest for a Moonman. This is a smart choice to have on hand for a friend who forgets her 1D gear when coming to your house to watch the fivesome; she can throw it on so you don't have to be seen with someone who isn't properly representing. The onesie may be a bit of a strong look on the street, so this sweatshirt can also be used post-VMA viewing, IRL.

We've also found a watch from Urban Outfitters that is perfect for counting down the seconds until the show starts and the minutes until 1D graces the stage with their perfect presences. The watch features lil baby 1D faces on the face (how fitting) of the watch; the wristband is printed with their autographs, just in case you forget their names (JK, you would NEVER).

In addition to updating all your Twitter followers on how QT Zayn looks, how decked out in 1D swag you are, and how much you hope they win their 4th Moonman, you may crave listening to the sweet sounds of Up All Night and Take Me Home. How perfect, then, that this 1D Boombox a) exists, and b) is emblazoned with their picture. You can listen to 1D on CD and be transported to the 1990s, when most members of the band were born.

Finally, and this is where you can let your creativity flow, pick up this One Direction coloring book and color in their best looks. The hand-drawn coloring book sold on Etsy features scenes from their videos and allows you to give Niall purple hair, if you so choose #dreambig.