Katy Perry's VMA Promo Look Is Very Liv Tyler In 'Empire Records'

Katy Perry

Katy Perry brings her Liv Tyler look to Brooklyn.
Photo: MTV/Warner Bros.

Next stop on the VMA promo train headed straight to Barclays Center? None other than Katy Perry! The singer, who dropped her new single "Roar," yesterday will be joining Lady Gaga and Kanye West and giving us a show. In case you missed it, the spot features Katy emerging from a manhole and heading in to the subway, loyal KatyCats (and a real tiger), behind her. Miley showed us how she'll be getting to the show, and now Katy is letting us know she's ditching her gold-plated Prism truck for the subway. How very Jay Z of her.

As we've seen, Katy has undergone a may-jah evolution in her VMA looks—she always brings it big time, and this year will certainly be no different. The teasers for "Roar" released last week gave us an idea of what this new era Katy would look like: darker and full of animal print.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry brings her Liv Tyler look to Brooklyn.
Photo: MTV

The promo follows this lead with the KatyCats in animal-print crop tops, black muscle-tees, khaki pants, leather jackets, and high-waisted skirts. The tiger is in an orange and black-striped coat. Their fearless leader emerges from a manhole—looking very Liv Tyler in Empire Records—wearing a black halter crop-top emblazoned with a cross made from safety pins, a plaid pleated skirt, knee socks, with a fuzzy green sweater tied around her waist. Hey, the subway cars are cold. She's sporting the same purple lip color we saw in the "Roar" teasers and her hair is back to black (R.I.P. blue wig) and perfectly mussed. Verrrrry Brooklyn.



VMA 2013: Katy Is Coming For You

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