New Rihanna For River Island Is On Its Way!


Rihanna describes her new River Island collection.
Photo: via River Island's YouTube

It's Rihanna for River Island take 3, y'all! The British brand released a behind-the-scenes video of the shoots for Rihanna's latest campaign which, as the singer describes it, "has a New York street vibe." The first part of the Fall collection isn't landing for another month, but the videos and images that have been released make it clear that Rihanna wants us all in camo-print and leather this fall—sometimes even together. Yep, there's a leather camouflage bustier and matching shorts. We see some shiny drawstring leather pants in both maroon and black—in the shoot Rih pairs the latter with a yellow baseball jersey 'cause she's into #sportz.

The video shows us the prep for the campaign photo shoots, while also revealing the collection's looks: it's dominated by maroon, red tartan, crop tops, and streetwear. We see a plaid coat paired with matching pants, a long-sleeved black-and-white camo shirt with cut-out shoulders, a green-and-black camo crop top paired with "RiRi" emblazoned underwear, a hat that says "G4LIFE" (there are sweatshirts that say that, too, if you're not into hats), and a letterman-esque jacket. For the fancier fan, there are at least three black dresses, one with a tight hood, and we get a fleeting peek at a floral-print shirt and jacket, which seems ultra-femme compared to the rest of menswear-heavy collection. Rihanna is v. casual on set: backwards leather-accented baseball cap and over-sized denim jacket with some lucite and blue-lensed sunglasses.

The collection also features shoes, including thigh-high camo boots, stilettos with ankle straps (in camo, maroon, and black, obv), as well as what can only be described as high-heeled, pointy-toed hiking boots, for when you want to elongate the look of your legs in the woods. Not featured in the collection, sadly, are the sunglasses Rihanna wears in the video, but maybe she'll hear our cries and include them in the Spring 2014 collection (please, Rih, please!).



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