Food Friday: Frankly, We Love Hot Dogs

Hot Dog

Hot diggity dog!
Photo: Urban Outfitters/End Clothing/Kate Spade/Etsy/Hello Cellophane

Of all the cookout foods-turned-clothes in the game right now (LOL thinking about there really being a game for that), hot dogs might be the most underrated. Sure, burgers are, like, KING in that space (fast food pun unintended, seriously), but we want to take this Friday to give the frank a little shine. It's meat in a tube + a bed of bread + a pile of whatever condiments you're feeling at the moment. It's a low maintenance cruise ship of sustenance that is also tasty and relatively pretty easy to eat. It's AWESOME, OK? Thus, we scoured the interwebz for things to help us wear our hot dog-loving hearts on our sleeves (literally) and properly pay homage to the frank.

Lazy Oaf has a great short-sleeve button-up Hot Dawg shirt ($39.99) available right now. It's currently on sale and in limited quantity so act fast if you want this one! Just in case it runs out, we also found this Maison Kitsune hot dog tee ($45.00) AND as a slightly more subtle option, this tank top with a tiny hot dog emblem patch attached to it. If your love of franks is one you want to broadcast with greater frequency than you can do your laundry, we have accessory options, too. Try a pair of hot dog stud earrings complete with grill marks (also, it should be noted that they're advertised as being SCENTED), or maybe a fancy patent Kate Spade x Darcel coin purse is more your steez. Use it to hold money to pay for other hot dogs. #meta

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