Katy Perry Unveils New Killer Queen Fragrance Teaser Video

Katy Perry

Katy Perry in her second Killer Queen fragrance ad.
Photo: Via Katy Perry Fragrances' Facebook

Katy Perry really wants you to be tantalized by her new Killer Queen fragrance. Last Friday she gave us a nine second teaser for the fragrance and today she let us see ten seconds more of the trailer, and for that, she will from now on be known as Generous Queen Katy. What we know about the fragrance remains the same: it'll be floral-y, but also ambiguous, sophisticated, and sexy (my natural odor also combines all of these things, BTW); it'll be released in August (soon!); and it reflects her new, edgy persona.

While the video doesn't have Katy coming out to spray us with the perfume and actually smell it (why isn't the technology there yet?? UGH.), we can def see elements of the new Katy that she's been teasing with her Roar videos. Katy has teased both her fragrance and upcoming single in the past week, giving us nothing more than 30 seconds of ~mystery~. The second teaser follows the first's lead with Katy still lookin' very Marie Antoinette, walking toward the camera in a messy room. She then reaches for the Killer Queen bottle, which is placed on a pillow (pretttty fancy bottle, huh?), brandishes a sword, flutters her eyelashes, and dramatically lets her wig drop. Whole lotta drama crammed into ten seconds. But what does it all mean? The next video comes out on Wednesday. Mark your calendars! We already did. Really. To see it all unfold, watch the video below!


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