Yolo Polo: The Drake Dada Meme Gets A Shirt


Drake's Dada meme gets a shirt in the "Yolo Polo."
Photo: Instagram/Drake Yolo Polo

Remember how back in May, photos started emerging from Drake's "No New Friends" video shoot with DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross? Between the helicopters, champagne in the hot tub, and Khaled's vaguely retirement chic wardrobe, the video looked a lot like a YMCMB/Maybach Music Group parody of Behind The Candelabra. But the MOST wave-making part of the whole thing was a behind-the-scenes photo of Drake wearing a bumblebee color palette Dada ensemble and shooting Rozay a round-the-shoulder look with this bizarro swag-creep gait. The photo took the interwebz by storm, erupting into a full-fledged meme, and after almost three months since its inception, it's still living strong thanks to this here "Yolo Polo."

That's right. Thanks to our friends over at Complex, we are now enlightened to the magical existence of this "Drake Yolo Polo." Available to cop for $35 on its very own dedicated Big Cartel shopping site, the classic cotton Gildan polo (pictured here in light butter yellow, but apparently, it's available in other colors, too) gets a Drake makeover. In the left breast area, the (unnamed GENIUS) shop owner has embroidery a teeny tiny version of Dada Drake. The concept is so hilariously excellent, we're mad we didn't think of it ourselves. Whoever you are, Yolo Polo mastermind, we thank you. But also, yo, if you're taking requests, we'd love it if you expanded your line out to Wheelchair Jimmy.

{via Complex}

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