Check Out The Ke$ha #BornWarrior Fan-Submitted Outfit Winners!

ke$ha born warrior

Bow down to Ke$ha, you Animals.
Photo: Getty Images

Animals, tomorrow Ke$ha's Warrior tour returns to North America for her second (!!!) round of U.S. shows, but you probaaably already knew that. If you're like us, you're dying of anticipation. I mean, sure, her amazing (and extremely phallic!) Charles Albert jewelry line debuted earlier this week, but we still need some serious Ke$ha goodness in our lives ASAP. Thankfully, she ran a costume contest where Animals could submit their best Ke$ha-inspired ensembles with the #BornWarrior hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to win FREE tickets to one of her shows. Obvi tons of fans participated, and Ke$ha has chosen two winners! Are y'all ready to see their ensembles? Let's get to it!

Well, this was an obvious winner because 1.) She's working TWO ensembles in one photo and 2.) She posted an awkward/amazing childhood photo to the internet for all to see. *bows down* We love her red and white flower crown paired with her shimmery eye makeup and sequin top, but we will admit she was rockin' the headband bandana PRETTYYY hard back in the day. #WERK

Here it's all about the head-to-toe ensemble. This fan mixed Ke$ha merch (see: the graphic tee and custom snapback hat) with custom ripped jean shorts complete with, yes, hand-drawn doodles. (Peep those flames!) They finished the ensemble with printed comic book leggings and high-top Converse. LOVE. But tell us—which fan-submitted outfit do you like best? Let us know in the comments below!

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