The Most Killer Shark Week Nail Art Ever!

With the start of the new month (HAI, AUGUST!) also comes the start of—wait for it—SHARK WEEK! EEEEEEE. I know you're, all, "Chill with the caps lock, and stop internet yelling at me," but we can't, y'all. This is not only an informational seven day event dedicated to our fine finned friends, but it's also an excuse to wear killer (heh) shark nail art all week long. Even though Shark Week officially kicked off last night, we've still got PLENTY of time to honor our favorite underwater predators. (Also, if you want to consider this a late homage to Sharknado, we wouldn't be mad at that either. If you don't know what we're talking about, see Google. Immediately.) Our first mani inspiration comes from Chrissy (it's not me, I swear!), and it's really, really good, guys. She not only managed to fit the words "Shark Week" on her pinky, but also included the entire Jaws movie poster on her ring finger. *bows down*

Shark Week Nail Art

Photo: Via Polishophrenia

For a more, erm, gory approach to Shark Week, we like this set that features not only the straight-up shark face, but also blood-stained tips. (P.S.- She used a straw to create this splattered effect!)

Shark Week Nail Art

Photo: Via The Nail Artiste

OK, yes, this idea is a TAD bit morbid, but we love how she took the design across all five fingers for one giant shark art piece.

Shark Week Nail Art

Photo: Via Basecoat Topcoat

When it comes to sharks, the great white usually steals the limelight, so we're incredibly pumped to see the hammerhead having a mani moment.

Shark Week Nail Art

Photo: Via Expecto Patronum

Finally, if you're looking to create your own decked out shark tips, we think this mani is easiest to recreate on your own. Dividing up the design over each nail means less detail (yay!) but it still keeps the overall badassness (that's a word) in tact. But tell us, will you be doing a Shark Week-themed mani? Let us know in the comments below!

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