Food Friday: The Sweetest Doughnut-Themed Clothing Ever

donut clothing

Photo: Beloved/ShopJeen/Society 6/Pick Your Shoes

Real talk—the day that we bought the NYC doughnut map was the best day of our lives. We suddenly had DIRECT access to all the sugary confections that single-handedly tricked the world into thinking it was OK to eat dessert for breakfast, and we are so behind that. In honor of this bright, sprinkle-covered treat, we decided to round up some clothes and accessories inspired by it's cute and colorful shape, and, like, not to brag or anything, but we are SO stoked on what we found. *brushes shoulders off* Hope y'all aren't hungry 'cause you're about to be.

The first item we picked is NOT for the fair-weather doughnut fan—this onesie ($99) is COVERED in the sugary stuff so you can look totally sweet from head to toe. Up next, an iPhone case that says, "Sometimes I feel empty inside" ($35) to prove that, yes, food has feelings too. Then, we have THE most insane HD doughnut sweaters of all time ($75) and ($75) topped off with a chocolate sprinkle snapback ($24). Welp, that about does it, y'all. Are you gonna swipe up some doughnut-themed clothing this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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