Kristin Cavallari To Debut NFL Collection At New York Fashion Week

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari will debut Junk Food x NFL Women's Apparel collection at New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

Whoaaaa, major MTV-meets-fashion news, y'all! Kristin Cavallari is designing a collection of womenswear for Junkfood and the NFL that will debut at New York Fashion Week. *jaw drops to the floor* Basketball and the NBA caught a lot of shine this year for raising the bar for sports style, from the post-game podium to the young guns making their debuts at the NBA Draft. But the end of the season left those hopped up on the buzz of a serious integration of sports and style (what has two thumbs sitting on the space bar typing this post?) clamoring to figure out which league would be next on the fashion come-up. We've had a feeling that football and the NFL may be next for a while and have even gotten affirmation from LeBron James' and Victor Cruz's stylist Rachel Johnson, but this latest news from Laguna Beach and The Hills alumna more than confirms our suspicions.

Finding ladyfan gear that isn't drowning in glitter or faux rhinestones or some pink or pastel permutation of your team's colors is pretty near impossible. If you've ever tried to put a marginally spirited outfit together for any kind of sports event, you know the struggle is real. Judging from the sketches E! News scored of KCav's designs, our girl Kristin is aiming to eradicate that problem. *clasps hands and looks up to the heavens with tears welling* And who better to put together a line of football fan fashion than a designer who's married to a football player??

The sneak peek at Cavallari's designs features racerneck mini dresses with favorite players' numbers (#6 on the Chicago Bears one because DUH, that's her husband Jay Culter), mod '60s styles, a trendy long-sleeved crop top + midi pencil skirt situation, and an asymmetrical hem dress version of players' jerseys. Are you excited to see Kristin Cavallari's full Junk Food x NFL Women's Apparel collection? We sure are.

{via E! News}


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