Would You Wear These Robot Leggings?

Robot Leggings

Would you wear these robot leggings?
Photo: Nasty Gal

OK, I probably should have put "Robot Leggings" in quotation marks to start because truth be told, that's what they deserve. If you just read this headline, "Would You Wear These Robot Leggings?" without seeing the picture, you probably had visions somewhere along the lines of Balenciaga's Spring/Summer 2007 collection with that bananas impressive C-3PO-ready skintight gold leg armor. Or at the very least, you thought of some Lycra, pajama-safe rendering of Power Ranger costumes. It's safe to say that you didn't at all think of these Daniel Palillo "robot leggings" as they are so-called by Nasty Gal.

At the core, these are standard fare, staple black leggings. The kind that pull together any over-sized Fall/Winter tunic look and have a stretchy waistband that's your very best friend at the Thanksgiving dinner table (very food baby-friendly). They just have, y'know, rectangular blocks covered in silver patent fabric affixed to different unexpected parts. Two running vertically side-by-side on each shin, and two running horizontally on either side (above and below) the knee (which BTW also have circular Regina George-style holes). The blocks are probably helpful if you know you're about to do a lot of kneeling, like, say at a Catholic mass or you're the catcher in a very glamorous softball league. OR if you know your shins will need protection, for instance if you're the babysitter of a very unruly kid with an affinity for steel-toe boots and kicking. IDK, what do you think? Would you wear these "robot leggings"?

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