Mariah Carey Gives Her Signature Stilettos A Rest

Mariah Carey Heels

Mariah Carey kickin' back.
Photo: Getty Images

We are so sad to report that our resident diva, Mariah Carey, will be temporarily stepping down (heh) from her fashion throne by giving up her heels for an undisclosed amount of time. You might have been tipped off to Mariah's dislocated shoulder from all those insanely awesome sequin-covered slings she's been sporting as of late, but did you know she ALSO cracked rib and chipped her shoulder bone when she fell during her Beautiful video shoot? Yowza. Hubby Nick Cannon told E!, "She's feeling a lot better and taking it one day at a time." And that means staying out of her killer platforms. :( Nick said, "She's only in them when she needs to be in them, like when she had her [Hurricane Sandy relief benefit] concert in Central Park. She's just being very careful."

Can we just take a moment to reminisce about Mariah and ALL of her epic shoe moments, for a second please? Like, who can forget that infamous MTV Cribs episode where she took us deep (DEEP) into her multi-walled, Fred Segal store of a closet? No one, pretty much. Our favorite line from the entire episode was when Mariah said, "The style that I favor would be a high stiletto, and the brand that I favor would be whoever is going to stick to that motif." Preach, mama. PREACH. Here's to hoping you're back on your (very well manicured) feet again soon! But tell us, are you sad Mariah's giving up her signature stilettos? Let us know in the comments below!

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