Rihanna Wins Topshop T-Shirt Lawsuit

Rihanna Topshop Lawsuit

Rihanna's happy!
Photo: Getty Images

Don't mess with Rihanna, y'all! Last May, RiRi sued Topshop for selling a tee with her face on it, and today it all came to end when Mr Justice Birss ruled in favor of Rihanna in High Court, according to the Telegraph. Basically, this is what went down: Topshop sold a tee featuring a photo of Rihanna (peep it here!), and apparently after repeated attempts from RiRi's team to take the shirt down, Topshop refused. The judge said a "substantial number" of Topshop buyers could have been under "false belief" that it was an officially licensed tee and added that it was damaging to her "goodwill" and showed a "loss of control of her reputation in the fashion sphere."

A Topshop spokesman said they are "surprised and disappointed by the judgement handed down today. We feel that the fact that Rihanna has shopped, worn and had a relationship with Topshop for several years appears to have been detrimental to our case. We robustly dispute the Judge's conclusion. We believe that our customers clearly understand when we are undertaking a collaboration such as the one we created with Kate Moss over several seasons." We're sad to see Rihanna and Topshop fight 'cause we love 'em both, but we're happy this has all (hopefully!) resolved. Also, dudes, there's TONS of (very!) official Rihanna merch that you can snatch up right this second complete with, yes, RiRi's gorgeous face. But tell us, what do you think about the legal ruling of Rihanna vs. Topshop? Let us know in the comments below!

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