Snoop Dogg Opens 'The Snoopermarket' On

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg in his "Snoopermarket" commercial.
Photo: Overstock

Do you ever think sometimes that maybe Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion, depending on the project/your vibe) sits around his house (in a plushy robe and house slippers, of course) and just brainstorms puns he could make with his name and how he could spin them into business ventures? Take the latest: The Snoopermarket, a collaboration (a.k.a. marketing stunt, depending on your tilt) with wherein the man stars in a commercial and curates a suite of his (and his family's) favorite products.

Set over his track, "The Good Good," the 30ish-second ad parades his kids and leading lady, Shante, through the fam's all-white den, each one telling Snoop Dad they need a hook-up (with Overstock products, guys, let's not get crazy; this is a family-friendly spot). There are earrings for Cori B, headphones for Corde, and gym accoutrements for Cordell, but the most interesting collection is (obviously) Snoop's.

Naturally, he picks a bazillion items that speak to his rasta and King of the Jungle leanings, but there's also real dad stuff like a grill and gourmet BBQ tool set, all Steelers everything, and fresh morning coffee stock (Marley, of course). Not to be overlooked, there is also a bordeaux fleece bathrobe (very Hugh Hef), and *takes deep breath* FRENCH MANICURE NATURAL LOOK NAIL LACQUER. Because DUH.

{via Complex}


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