What To Pack For Lollapalooza


This is what we think you should pack for Lollapalooza this weekend.
Photo: Nasty Gal/ASOS/Urban Outfitters/COVERGIRL/CVS

When you love your closet as much as we do, packing is always hard. It's a fact. And packing for a festival, like, say Lollapalooza which is just on the other side of this week? As in, you're going to spend the majority of your day outside in the sun, in a park or field or some other grassy/dirt expanse, with a deluge of rowdy, sweaty people? That makes it even harder to optimize for "cute." Luckily, you have us. If you've never been to Lolla, or even Chicago in late July, there are a few things you're going to need to keep in mind: dress for comfort, go for pieces that can withstand long hours under the sun, and put together a look that's holds up in a field but can work for the city, too.

At Lollapalooza, a boxy dress cut away from your body is your best friend. Not only will the loose silhouette help keep you cool, it will also hide your inevitable food baby (Chicago = deep dish pizza). Since you'll be trodding on dirt and vegetation (also, enveloped in a sea of people who have feet that can step on your feet), laced up boots are a good, practical look. As far as a bag, you'll want something that can easily stay on your person that you won't have to think about. A crossbody does the trick, but since backpacks are big right now, why not take advantage? You can accessorize however you want, but again, you're going to be in the sun. Make sure you have a trusty pair of sunglasses in tow. You'll thank us later when you've avoided squinting at your favorite band for their entire set. Finally, there's your face. When it comes to makeup, that big ball of fire in the sky isn't the kindest, but a quick swipe of COVERGIRL's Ink It! Perfectpoint Gel Eyeliner (especially in that metallic blue) will pop on your lid, AND last through just about anything!


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