Miley Cyrus Strips For Marc Jacobs Benefit 'Skin' Tee

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus' "Protect The Skin You're In" t-shirt.
Photo: Marc Jacobs Intl.

Back in June, we hooked Miley Cyrus up with an arsenal of Smiler Stan Swag to rep for their favorite girl. It's a pretty thorough haul (we think) with a lot of different options no matter your taste, but this brand new Marc Jacobs "Skin" tee might trump them all. The shirt is manufactured and sold for the explicit purpose of raising awareness and funds for skin cancer research, and all proceeds from its sale will be donated to NYU Skin Cancer Institute.

In accordance with MJ's other "Protect The Skin You're In" shirts, Miley (who is the subject and star of the next major MTV feature film documentary, BTW) lends her visage and *achem* bod to the campaign, appearing on the front graphic completely NEKKID. Yup, like Cara Delevingne, Naomi Campbell, and a grip of others, Miles stripped down to her birthday suit in the name of eradicating skin cancer and is letting Marc Jacobs plaster her nudie pants self all over t-shirts. All in the name of a good cause!

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