Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Three Types Of Grills And More On 'The Look'

Miley Cyrus Grills

Miley Cyrus showin' off dem grills.
Photo: Via Hello Style

We'll admit that sometimes even the most in-depth celebrity interviews can get a little, well, boring, but when Miley Cyrus and Harper's Bazaar executive editor Laura Brown team up, it's a TOTAL blast. The adorable twosome hung out on camera for the fashion mag's online video series "The Look," (which we've been loving for awhile now) and together they dish on everything from hair extensions to the Olsen Twins to even--yes--grills! We first noticed Miley's affinity for metallic teeth in her "We Can't Stop" music video, and since then, we've been DYIN' to hear more deets about them. And now friends, that time has come.

About five minutes into the interview, Miley starts digging through her Louis Vuitton bag and says, "I can show you some fun stuff in here. I have my grill in here... I don't know how Harper's Bazaar that is," to which Laura replies, "We just did a shoot... you wouldn't even know how Harper's this is." Then Miley opens what looks like a retainer case (we know because we have one...), puts a silver one on her bottom teeth and flashes a peace sign. "I got three. This is my chic one because it only has the top." She then switches it out with another set and says, "This is my plain gold. This is when I'm trying to be chill. I'm trying to blend in." Laura asks, "So this is your chill grill?" "This is my chill grill!" So there you have it, y'all--Miley has grills for EVERY occasion, and we are officially jealous. To see these bad boys in action, be sure to watch the video below!


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