Would You Wear This Nose Jewel Cuff?

Nose Jewel Cuff

Would you wear this nose jewel cuff?
Photo: ASOS

So, earlier this week, Lady Gaga revealed that she's the proud owner of a brand new septum piercing. Her return to the spotlight means a few things. Yea, new music. Sure, new Terry Richardson photoshoots. But what we're probably most excited for are the new, inventive outfits and trends that we'll inevitably start trying to incorporate thanks to her keen sartorial eye. Are septum piercings one of those new trends? We don't know yet. Could it be? Definitely. Especially if ASOS and this nose cuff have anything to do with it.

We're sure you've seen the ear cuffs that have been everywhere recently, from Cara Delevingne to Emma Watson and everywhere in between. We've been grateful to them for making pulling off the look of having various parts of your ear cartilage pierced more attainable for all us squeamish, commitment-phobes, but on top of that, they've opened up a flood line for more fake-out face rings like this here ear and nose jewel cuff.

A simple ring dangling from your septum is one thing. This...shrunken Christmas tree topper pendant thing? This is something else entirely. One has you looking like a sweet, lady version of Ferdinand the Bull with a bit of a dark streak. The other most likely elicits reactions like, "OMG, GIRL. Are you OK?? Pretty sure there's a metal wasp attacking your upper lip!!" But you let US know. Would you wear it?

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