Rita Ora Shouts Out Dizzee Rascal With Air Force 1 Sneakers

Rita Ora

Rita Ora posts sneaker-wearing snap to Instagram.
Photo: @RitaOra Instagram

Since she first burst on the scene, Rita Ora's love of sneakers has been an integral part of her personal steez. Her love's a pretty unconditional one, wearing them with literally everything and not discriminating between classics and platforms. Jordans, however, are her absolute fave. Still in the Nike fam, Rita posted a super cute picture of herself to Instagram repping a pair of crisp white Air Force 1s with a matching all-white outfit and referencing lyrics from British rapper Dizzee Rascal.

Rita looks pretty unassumingly cute scrunched up on that seat with her feet up (check out those lacy ankle socks!) and red pout out, but paired with the excerpt she's pulling from Rascal's 2003 hit track "Fix Up Look Sharp," we know there's secret sass in this snap. She and her kicks mean business. The section of the song goes, "It's an Air Force 1 / Trainers by the truck load, trainers by the ton / Don't be dazed when I catch you by your J's," but she leaves out a pivotal part of the preceding thought: "Be serious, you wouldn't last an hour in my shoe." OOHHHHH!! *falls back* But also, yea. Between live festival performances, being the face of Material Girl, and features in Vogue? Yea, you're right. *bows down*

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