Rihanna Hints At Frosted Upcoming MAC Collection

Rihanna MAC

Rihanna in London on July 18.
Photo: Splash News

Just when we thought Rihanna's freshly-dyed gray strands were a spur-of-the-moment decision, she now has us wondering if it was actually way more calculated than it looked. When she debuted her gray 'do on Wednesday, she kept using the "#brrr" hashtag with each Instagram photo she posted. Initially, we didn't think much about it, but yesterday she posted a pic of herself and a fan and wrote "#StanLife #iheartmynavy #sneekpeekofmynextMACproject." Wait, I'm sorry, did she just tack on the words "sneak peek of my next MAC project" at the end there?! YOU CAN'T DO THAT DO US, RI.

In the photo, she sported retro silver-tinted waves with an eerily similar shade of gray metallic lipstick. In case you forgot, RiRi's debut MAC collection was jam-packed with bright, summery shades, which included everything from bold coral blush to matte red liptick. But, thanks to Rihanna's freshly-dyed 'do and Instagram tip-off, we're, like, 90% sure her next MAC line is going to be the total opposite. Think: tons of frosted lipsticks (so '90s!) and silver-tinted shadows and blushes. Whoaaaa. Also, there's a huge possibility she dyed her strands this color for a frosted MAC campaign in which she her ENTIRE beauty game is nothing but silver metallic shades. We really hope it's true because we're dyin' to see some icy new shades this fall, so here's hoping, y'all! #brrr

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