Is Kanye West Working On A 100-Piece Unisex Collection?

Kanye West

Could Kanye be working on another larger fashion project?
Photo: Getty Images

He's designed for ladies. He's designed for dudes. Now, it's rumored that Kanye West is designed for BOTH at the same time. Buried in a story with the headline, "Kanye West back in LA with Kim K," New York Post reports that Yeezus "is now prepping a unisex collection of about 100 pieces, we hear, to be revealed during the fall fashion shows." Say whaaaaaa? I mean, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to hear Ye's on to his next fashion project. For a dude who's penned the lyrics, "Don't talk about style, I'll embarrass you," that just seems an inevitable truth, no? But 100 unisex pieces? How is that even possible?

The more we think about it, though, the more it starts to take shape. Basics like collared shirts, tees, and trousers work on everyone (just ask Rihanna and Ciara). PLUS, Yeezy could even include skirts because...y'know...kilts work for him. NY Post adds, "We're further told West is again being advised by a team of top designers from hip brands, including his pal Nicola Formichetti of Diesel." If that's true, that partnership may suggest something a little more avant garde on the horizon for this alleged new collection. When it comes to Kanye, everything is fair game. Only time will tell if this rumor is real, but we'll be crossing our fingers for it in the meantime!

{via New York Post}

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