Food Friday: Picture Me (Sushi) Rollin'


Way better than a 500 Benz, AMIRITE?
Photo: Society 6/Amazon/Etsy/Beloved Shirts/Very Vile/Milk Sick

Happy Friday, y'all! We're kicking this one off with everyone's favorite NOM-focused shopping franchise: FOOD FRIDAY! *tosses up fistful of glitter and French fries, follows with jazz hands* On the menu this week, we have the MTV Style order-in staple: sushi. When it's a sweat-inducing 99 degrees in the city, the last thing you want to do is go outside, let alone jack up the temperature in your apartment by turning on the stove. Thus, sushi has become our culinary savior as we crawl through the dog days of summer. Since we just can't turn off the little voice in our brains that asks, "But what's the fashion angle?" (even about the most mundane observations in our lives), we decided that sushi deserved a shopping homage. Surprisingly, there's actually a ton of fun stuff out there that capitalizes on our love of the iconic Japanese food. Check it out!

+ Sushi Tote Bag: $18.00 (Society 6)

+ Sock It To Me Sushi Crew Socks: $9.00 (Amazon)

+ Shrimp Ebi Nigiri Sushi Stud Earrings: $13.95 (Etsy)

+ Sushi Photo Print T-shirt: $35.00 (Beloved Shirts)

+ Sushi 77 T-shirt: $30.00 (Very Vile)

+ 3D Sushi iPhone Case: $25.00 (Milk Sick)

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