Dream Celebrity Cosplay Costumes For Comic-Con

Comic-Con: where nerds and pop culture junkies come together peacefully and bombastically. This year’s four-day frenzy of panels and sneak peeks will feature films and TV shows that fall on both ends of the geek spectrum. Yes, there will be previews of some HUGE upcoming blockbusters, but you betta believe there will be just as many Pokemon tournaments and workshops with graphic novel publishers.

If you listen very carefully, you will probably be able to hear thousands of super fans finalizing the details on their elaborate costumes. Cosplay is one of THE coolest parts about conventions like Comic-Con. (Seriously, you should see some of the mind-blowing outfits people show up in.) When celebrities themselves show up in costume, that’s when we nerds really start to go crazy. Usually it’s something small, like Robert Downey Jr. sporting one of his Iron Man arms, but I’d love to see the stars REALLY let their inner freaks and geeks out. Here are some of my ideal celebrity cosplay suggestions for this year:


Celebrity Cosplay

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth as Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo.
Photo: Getty Images/HB0

I’ve been withering away with jealousy all week at the thought of Comic-Con attendees getting to see sneak previews of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire without me. I guess I could learn to forgive everyone if the cast members show up in some jaw-dropping costumes. Actually, I’m going to be more demanding: I’ll only forgive them if they show up in Game of Thrones costumes. Sorry, those are my terms.

The hottest couple in all of Westeros and Essos is hands-down Daenerys and Khal Drogo (RIP, you beautiful man), and the world would never stop fangirling if Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth decided to go the Dothraki route with their cosplay. First of all, who wouldn’t love to see how J-Law looks in white hair? We can probably assume she’d look perfect, especially with her brown gloves and boots, belted leather skirt, and burlap (?) halter top. And essentially Liam would just have to be shirtless with some eyeliner and a long braid. You won’t hear any complaints from me.


Celebrity Cosplay

Kristen Bell as The Eleventh Doctor.
Photo: Getty Images/BBC

Everyone is going to be so excited to hear deets about the Veronica Mars movie that Kristen Bell could get away with wearing any old thing. But, since this weekend will also feature the much-anticipated 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who, I think we all would appreciate a hefty dose of worlds colliding. Veronica Mars was a tough and adventurous private investigator, so it shouldn’t be too hard for Kristen to embody a problem-solving, civilization-saving Time Lord...right?

Of all the Doctors to pay sartorial homage to, Doctor Eleven is totally the way to go, especially for quirky and kooky Kristen. Plus, what better way to bid farewell to Matt Smith’s tenure as the titular humanoid? (BRB, crying.) With some suspenders, a tweed jacket, fez, and bow tie (DUH), Kristen will completely pull off the look. Knowing her, she’ll still somehow manage to be the most adorable person in any given room.


Celebrity Cosplay

Shailene Woodley as Buffy Summers.
Photo: Getty Images

We really haven’t heard TOO much about the Divergent movie so far, which will make the special looks and Q&A panel with the cast that much more delicious. The fandom world will want to know everything about Shailene Woodley’s turn as Tris, so girlfriend better dress to impress. When it comes to cosplay, it’s never a bad thing to stick to the classics, which is why I’d love to see Shailene come decked out in full Buffy garb. (P.S.: There will be TWO Buffy-centered panels at this year’s Comic-Con. That vamp killer will never go out of style.)

A Buffy cosplay would actually be the easiest thing ever since she never had one single getup. As long as she had her stake, she was cool to wear whatever '90s-tastic outfit she felt like that particular witching hour. For Shailene, I think some leather pants and a tank top would be all she’d need to accompany her wooden weapons. Plus, she can absolutely pull off Buffy’s other signature accessory: that badass death stare.


Celebrity Cosplay

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Thor and Loki.
Photo: Getty Images

Wait, but seriously. Can this happen? Jared/Sam Winchester would be Loki, and Jensen/Dean Winchester would be Thor...obviously. I mean, come on: two brothers. The younger bro is morally ambiguous and intellectual. The older bro is the perfect little warrior/flirt hybrid. They have their bickers and banters, but we aaaall know that just masks each pair's delightful bromance. It’s a match made in Valhalla, y’all.

Jared and Jensen will be around to chat up the ninth (!!!) season of Supernatural, but that won’t happen until Sunday. That totally gives them enough time to wander around the red carpets o’ nerdom in head-to-toe cosplay glory. Jared needs to get his paws on a floor-length green cape, black trench with *stunning* gold shoulder pads, and an iconic antler helmet. Bonus: copious amounts of hair gel will finally get those tresses out of his face [insert trademark Padalecki hair flip here]. Jensen can pop on his metallic breastplate and red cape, grab his hammer, and brush off his trusty blonde wig from "The Girl with the Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo". I’m sure they both already have all these items in their closets, yes?

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