Summer Beach Essentials That Don't Suck

Summer Beach Essentials

These are summer beach essentials that don't suck.
Photo: ASOS/Swim Outlet/Opening Ceremony/Nasty Gal/Urban Outfitters/COVERGIRL

What's the most fun way to beat a heat wave? Head for water! IDK about you, but when the temperature starts rising to unseasonable degrees, booking it for the nearest beach is my knee-jerk reaction. (When I'm not, y'know, working, that is.) Sure, you're not going to cut out the sweating by being outside, but a little perspiration doesn't have to put a damper on your steez, especially when you're basking in naturally mane-tousling beach air (guaranteed excellent hair day = HUGE WIN). You likely already have your suit, but there are a few other must-have beach accessories that are essential for keeping your style game 100, even when you're accidentally mixing sand into your sunblock and dodging jellyfish.

First up, you'll need a great big tote. We love this Echo Fishnet Beach Bag from ASOS for two key reasons. That vibrant coral is super summer-ready, AND since the bag is mesh, you're not toting home any stowaway sand! We've been really impressed by the number of cute beach towel options this year, so we're offering up two potentials to add to your arsenal. If you're all about the Benjamins, but only in theory, this $100 bill towel from Swim Outlet will actually only set you back $10.95. If you're into investment pieces, even in this case, we fully encourage you to splurge on this mock zebra hide towel from Opening Ceremony because ALKDFG;AD it's the COOLEST.

You'll be out in the sun, so naturally, you need a great pair of shades. We love these transluscent green cat eyes from Nasty Gal, not just because they're on-trend and flatter just about every face shape, but also, since they don't have wire nose bridge pads, they won't get stuck in your hair whenever you inevitably pull them up onto your head. #practicalthinking Thank us later.

On the same unifying-fashion-and-function tip, a great pair of water-resistant sandals will multiply your beach-side fun factor exponentially. I know you want to wear your Rainbows to the beach, but when those things get wet (say, if you're washing the sand off your feet at an outdoor fountain and don't want to take them off OR accidentally splash them) and you continue to walk around in them, they stain the soles of your feet brown for days. Not that that's the end of the world, but IDK, maybe we just have different priorities. Point being: we think these lime jelly sandals from Urban Outfitters are PER. FECT. And you should, too.

And then, there's your beauty game. There's not a ton you can be doing with your face since you'll be sweating and applying sunscreen and getting pummeled by waves, but you CAN get your nails right. Scouts honor, we've actually test-driven these COVERGIRL Glosstinis, and they are definitely beach-worthy. Not just because they come in a bunch of great summery colors, but also, these things stand up against fading AND (the ultimate test) SALTY SEA WATER. *drops mic and walks away, leaving only a trail of sea shells*

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