Don't Talk To The Cops Gives ''80s Butt' A Theme Song (And Video!)

Gimme That '80s Butt

A still from Don't Talk To The Cops' "Gimme That '80s Butt" music video.
Photo: Don't Talk To The Cops/Stephan Gray

High-waisted jeans, thin leather belt, button-up shirt tucked into the high-waisted jeans. These are lyrics from Seattle-based Don't Talk To The Cops' "Gimme That '80s Butt" song, but they're ALSO an itemized breakdown of our daily uniform over hurr at MTV Style. You see, every era (and sub/counter-culture within that era, but for simplicity's sake let's just cap it at decades) has its silhouette: the '50s had poodle skirts, prim polos, and ponytails (try saying that three times fast!), the '60s ventured into mod, mini territory, the '70s had spread collars, macrame, and bell bottoms, etc. etc. ad infinitum. We won't be able to keenly discern the hallmark outfit shape of the 2010s until way after the fact, but one thing is for sure, and heavily underscored by DTTTC's track: we're borrowing so. much. '80s butt.

There isn't much more to the lyrics apart from "Girl, gimme that '80s butt" and the piece-by-piece breakdown of our favorite outfit, but the video adds a ton to the message. Girls parading in front of the camera in high-waisted '80s butt of all shapes and sizes. Satin sheen spandex and vaguely Versace-inspired chain-and-flourish print. Leather jackets, beanies, bamboo door knocker earrings, garter belt tights. It's like watching your closet be modeled for you. WITH a soundtrack! Watch all that '80s butt for yourself in Don't Talk To The Cops' music video below!


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