Justin Bieber Inks New Eye Tattoo

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber gets new eye tattoo from BangBang NYC.
Photo: @bangbangnyc Instagram/@justinbieber Instagram

Welp, it looks like that half-sleeve might not have been the end goal for Justin Bieber's left arm after all. We (and over 9 million Beliebers who follow Biebs on Instagram) woke up this morning to not only a brand new 2013 VMA nomination alongside will.i.am for "#thatPOWER," but ALSO, a brand new tattoo inked RIGHT on the inside pit of Justin's elbow. It's an eye. That, we guess, "blinks" when he clenches up his arm. Justin posted the caption, "@bangbangnyc did this art ., Moms always watching ;)," with the close-up shot of his new ink, which means this is yet another celeb tatt that famed BangBang NYC can add to his roster of star clients.

Just in case you didn't already know, BangBang NYC is responsible inking up not just Biebs, but Adele, Cara Delevingne, Demi Lovato, and perhaps most famously, Rihanna. This isn't actually the first time BangBang has worked with (on?) Bieber's body art. See that block-letter "Believe" right below the eye? You know, the one Justin got to commemorate his Believe album launch? That was by BangBang, too. We'll wait until the redness dies down to give our official thoughts on the new ink (the sore skin is kind of making for a weird conjunctivitis effect we're not comfortable looking at for too long before having lunch), but we do think it's funny that the two tatts now form a sentence: "I believe." *ba dum TSHHHHH* Thank you, we'll be here all night.

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