Taylor Swift Fans Cause Uproar Over Bad Kids Clothing Tank

Taylor Swift Tank Top

Taylor Swift and the tank in question.
Photo: Getty Images/Bad Kids Clothing

Welp, if there's one thing we learned in the past month or so, it's that you definitely don't want to mess with a Taylor Swift fan. In June, the Swiftie Nation single-handedly got a "#More Boyfriends Than T.S." tee pulled from Abercrombie, and this week Taylor's fanbase is speaking out over another top they want removed ASAP, which lists the last names of guys Taylor has been linked to in the past. The tank in question was created by Bad Kids Clothing, an EDM brand that sells tons of party-ready tees with catchy phrases. The Taylor Swift shirt, which started out as a "light hearted joke between friends" began to gain traction when the brand posted a pic of the tee to Instagram. Instantly, BKC was bombarded with "emails, phone calls, texts, all from 'Swifties' threatening to kill us and burn our store down because of how disrespectful we were being to Taylor," the brand stated on their website.

"The main concern from 'Swiftie Nation' has been that we are calling Taylor Swift a whore, and that the number of boyfriends portrayed on the shirt was wrong. She only has had 6 boyfriends, no more, no less." The original tank had "Monteith" written as one of the names, but when the weekend rolled around, tragedy struck--Glee star Cory Monteith was found dead in a Vancouver hotel. BKC's founder, Lex Houser, took this personally, as she had worked with Cory in the past. The brand stated, "We will not be removing the shirt from our store. We will however remove Cory’s name. This shirt is intended to be light hearted and a joke--for those who can understand this type of humor. We will deal with the death threats and incredible slander from here on out, when necessary, with proper authorities as it is never acceptable to threaten anyone’s life. Let's collectively focus our efforts on things that matter, as we are sure Cory would have wanted that. Along with the one and only, Taylor Swift." But tell us, do you think this Taylor Swift tee is offensive? Let us know in the comments below.

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