Niall Horan Gets 'Harvey' Makeover For One Direction 'Best Song Ever' Music Video Trailer

Niall Horan

Niall Horan and his "Best Song Ever" alter ego Harvey.
Photo: @onedirection Twitter

Calling all Directioners! We need to talk about the new trailer for the "Best Song Ever" music video that One Direction just dropped on Twitter. More specifically, we want to talk about this Harvey "character." The clip starts out panning over the Hollywood Hills with the iconic Hollywood sign now reading "One Direction," and a grizzly-voiced narrator hypes up the REAL launch of 1D's "Best Video Ever," starring Harvey, the above-right suited, bearded, pot-bellied "Studio Exec."

A few cuts of B-roll play—the dudes kicking around papers, two-stepping, Harry with a very unbuttoned shirt, and Zayn getting facial prostheses applied to his mug—but it's not until we see shots of Harvey walking through the set, throwing up deuces, and y'know actually speaking that we realize, "OH! Harvey HAS to be Niall!" One look straight into those baby blues, and you know it's true. No other proof necessary. The makeover feat is impressive two-fold because 1) Niall is pretty convincing as a brutish upper-middle management type, not to mention at getting rid of his accent, and 2) wowowow, the glam (err, old man?) squad for this video is bananas talented. Also, since we DID sneak a peek at Zayn in the makeup chair, too, we're preeeeetty sure Horan isn't the only one getting a major transformation for the vid. And if they're anywhere near the style 180s these guys did for SNL last year, we're all in for a real treat. Only 6 more days to go!


One Direction - "Best Song Ever" Teaser

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