Beyonce Debuts New Tour Outfit, Shops At Target In Houston


Beyonce performs in new stage outfit during "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" show in Houston, TX.
Photo: Getty Images

Last night, Beyonce and her The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour rolled through the Knowles homestead: Houston, Texas. And much like us, Bey's homecoming brought not only a fanatically loyal audience who've been following her career since Girl's Tyme (and likely, a home-cooked meal from Miss Tina), but ALSO a trip to Target. Big box stores are hard to come by in the city, and given the sheer volume of people, by the time you make your way to one, the stock is thoroughly picked through (style savvy + low prices = so many popped tags and empty hangers).

A fellow shopper told E! News that Bey's Target excursion included hat-browsing, hula-hooping, and even a little nod to Pepsi (of COURSE it did). While no one got a good look at what the international pop superstar actually purchased, she did debut a shiny new stage ensemble for her hometown show. We're unsure of the designer of the new outfit at the moment, but we're leaning toward Pucci. And even though technically this wasn't allowed, we were able to see from a fan video that Bey wore this beaded, fringed, beacon of turquoise to perform "Halo"!

{via E! News}

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