Mind-Blowing Mani Moment: Use Diamond Glitter To Create 3D Cube Nail Art!

Guys, sometimes the internet is so awesome we can barely handle it. While doing our typical Manicure Monday research, we stumbled upon Polish All The Nails' blog, and they tipped us off (heh) to a super-easy-yet-totally-amazing way to create DIY 3D cube nail art—by using only glitter! OK, we know this sounds insane, but stick with us here. First, you need to get your hands on some diamond-shaped glitter (like this!), and the more colors you have, the better. Then, paint your nails a bold base color and wait for your fingers to dry. Once you're set, use tweezers to place three pieces of glitter together in the shape of a cube. You can keep it simple with just a single square along the cuticle or go totally cube crazy and do the entire nail! Honestly, we're obsessed with either look, especially because it's sparkly too. *high fives entire world*

From a distance, it looks like you painstakingly drew perfect squares on each tip, but really it didn't require any art ability at all. Tip: After painting two coats of a base color and a clear top coat, she applied the glitter while the polish was still tacky to make sure it really sticks. We have to give it up for this genius nail hack (can we call it that?) for cutting down on mani time while still creating a striking design. But tell us, are you going to give this super easy mani a try? Let us know in the comments below!

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