Lady Gaga Walks Around NYC In A Bra, Chills In SUV With Stilettos Out The Window

Lady Gaga Bra

Lady Gaga in New York on July 11.
Photo: Splash News

We have NOT had enough Lady Gaga in our lives as of late. Sure, we spotted her at the Gay Pride Rally last week, but between her cancelled tour :( and suspiciously shutdown Twitter, we've been seriously thirsty for some Mother Monster sightings. Luckily, our prayers have been answered--Lady Gaga was spotted right here in NYC (!!!) yesterday looking fiercer than we've ever seen her before. She gave the ultimate "F you" to the unrelenting humidity (SO. HOT.) by ditching a T-shirt all together! She sported just a lacy black bra with a matching black mini skirt, killer stiletto platform booties, oversized sunnies and, well, not much else.

While most people (see: us) would look ridic leaving the house shirtless, we have to admit that we're not even MAD about Gaga showin' off her undergarments in public. Like, guys, look at those abs--if we were working that hard at the gym, we'd want to show it off too. (WAY TO GO, GAGS. *claps*) What really killed us, though, was how when she finally made it to her parked SUV, she decided to kick back (heh) in the most hilarious way possible--by sticking her boots out the window. Like, she didn't even put the full window down, guys--she only cracked it just enough to stick her tootsies outside, and with heels THAT tall, it's hard to not think it's just wee bit humorous. But tell us, what do you think about Lady Gaga's NYC street style? Let us know in the comments below!

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