Food Friday: We Scream For Ice Cream Print

ice cream clothes

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream print!
Photo: Wildfox Couture/Forever 21/Nasty Gal/Rad Nails/Foodiggity

ZOMG, y'all. Maybe it's just a product of the East Coast's patented humid heat. Maybe I'm just a weather wuss. But MAN, is it just me or is this one of the hottest summers in a minute?? IDK about you, but for me, nothing puts a damper on a cute outfit (literally and figuratively) quite like excessive sweating. Thankfully, though, sweltering heat is a great excuse to partake in one of my all-time favorite foods: ICE CREAM. Which brings us to this week's Food Friday shopping exercise. We've rounded up the best ice cream-themed clothes, accessories, and beauty items pon de web and wrapped them up in this here little internet package for your Friday shopping enjoyment. Enjoy!

Add a touch of cool to your summer wardrobe with this pair of photo printed ice cream ankle socks from Nasty Gal ($3.75). We think they look great peeking out over top of a pair of crisp white Keds. Looking for something a little more dainty and whimsical? These ruffled high-waisted ice cream print shorts from Forever 21 ($19.80) should hit the spot. Plus, the mint and pink colorway is light and fun enough to perk you up on even the muggiest of summer afternoons. The other option is: you could just cut to the chase and emblazon your love of ice cream across your chest with Wildfox Couture's "Breakfast Dessert" crewneck ($64.00).

The most subtle homage to everyone's favorite cold dairy dessert would probably be the new drippy Epic Meltdown nail wraps set from Rad Nails. [Full disclosure: Rad Nails is helmed by our resident nail art genius Chrissy Mahlmeister. *hair flip*] Being only the size of your nail, they're relatively unobtrusive (compared to wearing a giant waffle cone across your person, that is) but still summer-ready and well, y'know, rad. Not a wear your heart on your sleeve/short/ankle/nail type but still really love ice cream? Don't worry. We've got you covered, too. Just lace your humble abode with this giant ice cream sandwich pillow from Foodiggity ($21.99) and call it a day. Happy Friday shopping, y'all!

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