Internet Stan Swag: Show Off Your Online Addiction In Style

Internet Clothing

We <3 the internetz.
Photo: Courtesy of Banter Banner/Etsy/Shallowww/Glint Shop

Welp, it doesn't get more meta than this, friends. Every week when dive into the world of fan merch (or "Stan Swag," as we so lovingly call it), we usually find the coolest duds to show off our Justin/Miley/Selena/Kanye obsessions, but when it REALLY comes down to it, there's something we love even more than all those celebs combined—the internet, y'all. Without it we'd be, well, jobless for one, but also we wouldn't get all those titillating daily tweets/Instagram photos/Vines straight from [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE CELEB HERE]'s phone and without it, we might die. OK, that's a bit dramatic, but seriously, if we were on a deserted island and someone asked us to choose between WiFi and food, we'd probably choose WiFi. (Here's hoping Seamless delivers by boat...)

Of course wanted to show off our internet addiction in the most stylish way possible, so we rounded up some of the best online-inspired pieces from the, erm, well, internet. (Duh.) First off, we LOVE this "Internets" banner ($18) that proudly proclaims your dedication to the world wide web. We're also a huge fan on of this colorful "Free Wifi" tee ($56) that features those infamous three bars and this A-line skirt handmade from vintage computer fabric ($74). Next up—a gold "Internet" nameplate necklace ($16) that'll match literally everything in your wardrobe. For the colder days ahead, we highly suggest this "Online" beanie ($38) and "Internet" pullover ($59) complete with smiley emoticons. So, what do y'all think—will you be swiping up online-inspired gear anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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