Damian And Avigail Collins Mix Music And Fashion For Silver Spoon Attire [Interview]

Jessie Ware, Rihanna, Danielle Haim

Jessie Ware, Rihanna, and Danielle Haim wear Silver Spoon Attire.
Photo: @JessieWare Instagram/Getty Images/@SilverSpoonAttire Instagram

Remember how fasincated we were by Rihanna's unorthodox hat game a few weeks ago? How, all in a span of a few days (in the middle of summer, no less), Rih was spotted in a pin veiled beanie, a camo + cameo bucket hat, and a black skully with a white paisley kerchief peeking out from the fold. How she tagged "@silverspoonattire" in all her selfies with those outfits. And how we were so mesmerized by the pieces that we had to track down the designer and for a chat. Welp, London-based Silver Spoon Attire is actually helmed by a duo—Damian and Avigail Collins—and lucky for us, D was kind enough to oblige us with a quick interview over the most intimate of modes of communication: email (unfortunately, I'm no good at making overseas phone calls. Check out our words exchanged below!

MTV STYLE: How did you two start designing clothes together?

DAMIAN COLLINS: In 2006, when Avigail was studying fashion design at Istituto Marangoni, we began Silver Spoon Attire. I had been designing a streetwear line called Digital Filth. And as much as I enjoyed it, both Avi and I always wanted to develop a more luxe collection. We firstly designed a 5-piece capsule collection of luxury leather jackets lined in cashmere.

Where does the name "Silver Spoon Attire" come from?

It began as an ironic statement. Throughout our time in London we noticed a trend of the kids of the "super" wealthy living a silver spoon lifestyle. For instance, we experienced a heat wave in the summer of 2006, and there was one girl who lived on the Kings Road and took her blacked out Mercedes to East London, walked from the car to the building in a full-length fur coat. We looked at her, then at each other and said, "SILVER SPOON ATTIRE."

How would you describe the SSA attitude?

"Street Couture" is a term we feel reflects our brand. In practice, this means taking something that appears to be a simple product, and then, adding detail and hand-finishing techniques to lift from ordinary to something special. The attitude of our brand is a direct reflection of our own lifestyle: hard working, honest, but with a rebellious streak.

Along with clothes, you guys just put out a mixtape with Two Inch Punch. How did that come about?

Back in 2006, Avigail and myself were regulars at The NHAC (Notting Hill Arts Club) every Thursday for Yoyo. That is where we first met T.I.P. We became friends, and in 2007, we all found ourselves in New York City for a summer of fun. From then until now, we have been folling each others' careers, and this year was the perfect time to bring our styles together to develop a mixtape. I am the biggest fan of T.I.P's own music, and combining his vibe and ours is always on point.

In your opinion, how do music and fashion relate?

In too many ways. The longer I am involved in both, the similarities become more apparent. Youthful excitement and the journey to find your own style is often replaced with confidence when you know yourself and know what suits you best. Finding a balance between the new and the classic is something we feel that we bond over with our music clients. Plus, the grind is nothing like what it appears from the outside. ;)

What part does music play in your design process?

It is integral. Without the music, SSA wouldn't exist in the same way. Music in many forms fuels our creative process, from initial ideas to the final product (which many times we envision with an artist in mind).

What kind of music do you listen to in the studio?

A rotation of '90s hip hop (Nas, Wu Tang, Jay-Z, BIG), through to UK Garage, Deep Vocally Soulful House Music, Weird S***, POP in all forms, GRIMES, Kanye, Jessie Ware, Disclosure, The XX, Cashmere Cat...yeah and the rest. We love music :)

You've outfitted a ton of fantastic musicians (most recently Rihanna), who else would you like to see wearing your clothes?

As you say, we are super fortunate to of already put many incredible performers in Silver Spoon. If we could pick anyone, though, I'm sure it would be a tie between Prince & David Bowie. Legends only. LOL

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