Justin Bieber Reveals The Key Fragrance Teaser Video

Justin Bieber

A still from Justin Bieber's The Key teaser video.
Photo: Justin Bieber's Facebook

Beliebers, gird your loins. It may not be #heartbreaker (yet!), but Justin Bieber DID put out a different kind of release: a teaser video for his newest fragrance, The Key! As you may recall from the new eau de parfum's initial announcement, Bieber's third fragrance seems to be the most mature of the bunch, described as "energetic with a sexy splash of sparkling freshness" and pictured on suggestive black satin sheets. The video only shows sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes footage, but from what we can see, the bed-related imagery just keeps coming.

Above, you see Bieber listlessly embracing a pouty-faced model while also displaying the opaque Key bottle toward camera, but the overall energy of the shoot and video are much higher. There are sun-drenched smiles on a Copenhagen rooftop, a taxidermy tiger, a glimpse of Justin's left shoulder, and a bunch of other things that suggest the campaign takes place in a hotel. Namely, a scene in a lobby, a red bellhop jacket with gold buttons, rows of keys, a swanky bedroom an owl statue overlooking a sea of ruffled sheets. We're not sure if it's all the lodging talk or our mounting anticipation for the scent's release, but is anyone else VERY reminded of Britney Spears' Curious commercial?


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