Get M.I.A.'s 'Bring The Noize' Gold Jaguar Nails!

M.I.A. Bring The Noize Nail Art

M.I.A. in "Bring the Noize."
Photo: Courtesy of Noisey

We've had M.I.A.'s "Bring the Noize" music video on repeat ever since it premiered last week, and, um, it's obvious as to why. Insane beats + infinite incredible looks + a badass beauty game = a total dream come true. Between M.I.A.'s intricate braided 'do and pink coif, you'd think her hair was the star of the show, but we just couldn't peel our eyes away from her decked-out nails. Basically, no matter how many times we paused it to get a closer look, we still weren't sure what was happening on her digits. Luckily, London-based nail artist Sophie Harris-Greenslade (who did M.I.A.'s nails for the video shoot) tipped us off to the fact that her gold mani is super easy to cop for yourself, as in, YOU CAN BUY IT.

M.I.A. sported a gold jaguar set created by H&H, which featured 3D carved-out teeth at the tips. It looks like M.I.A. customized hers with jeweled accents, and if you have some serious dollars to drop, you can swipe up the full 12-piece set for $152. (This is gold, people.) The nails also come in rose gold, black ruthenium, and silver in case yellow-tinted tips aren't your thing. The sets can be applied with sticky adhesive tabs or strong nail glue, which sounds prettttyyy easy if you ask us. But what do you think—would you swipe up a decked-out gold set like M.I.A.? Let us know in the comments below!