Take A Walk Down Memory Lane With Adidas’ Online Archive

The Adidas Archive transports you to a world of legend and wonder.
Photo: Adidas Archive

You know those times when you’re cleaning out your s***, and a boost of determination miraculously overwhelms you? Suddenly, you’re deep-diving to the trenches of your closet, re-discovering that shirt you only wore one time and solving the mystery of your missing shoe. And there’s the hoodie from 5 summers ago that you can’t part with, so you put it on and find $5 in the pocket. But, lo! A box! Let’s go through the box. Two hours later, you’re drowning in nostalgia, but your closet isn’t any cleaner.

The digital Adidas Archive is a lot like that. First of all, just like cleaning out our closet, it took us forever to discover (the Archive launched in February). But whatever, because this jam is the coolest, and it deserves to be shared.

The basic nitty-gritty is that Adidas has their own version of a nostalgia closet in Germany, the home of Adidas founder Adi Dassler. This well-protected collection houses thousands of items from Adidas’ storied history, and obviously attracts a tremendous amount of interest. Since they can’t let everyone get their dirty paws on the preserved stockpile, Adidas’ History Management team developed an excellent solution: the interactive online archive.

Learning is fun!
Photo: Adidas Archive

This visualization of the sport giant’s heritage includes super historic relics like football boots worn in the 1920s, and modern items such as Adidas’ recent collaborations with Jeremy Scott and Madonna. Swoon at the images, read about the designs and learn about the people who made these things happen. It’s like going to a museum, but without lamewads blocking your view. Get caught up in the memz, mumble “fascinating” a few times, and then, find yourself an hour later with no other work accomplished. Hashtag worth it.

Word on the street is that the archive will eventually add 800 further items, so make sure to check back every once in awhile! Now go! Get lost!

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