Demi Lovato Sports Denim Jacket And White Dress In 'Made In The USA' 'GMA' Performance And Behind-The-Scenes Video

Demi Lovato Made In The USA

Demi Lovato performing on 'Good Morning America' on June 28 and in her behind-the-scenes video.
Photo: Getty Images/Hollywood Records

Demi Lovato is getting in the patriotic spirit, y'all! Today she released a behind-the-scenes video for her Made in the USA music video and performed the single on Good Morning America. Oddly enough, she wore almost the same outfit in both instances. She ditched her typically edgy, all-black ensembles for a blonde-haired, all-American look, and we can barely handle it! I mean, this is such a far cry from her fierce Heart Attack music video ensembles, which involved a serious smoky eye and tons of metal hardware. Today's performance outfit consisted of layered white dress with a distressed denim vest, brown belt, layered necklaces, tons of turquoise hand jewelry and—the kicker—cowboy boots!

In her behind-the-scenes video (which also happens to be her directorial debut!), she wore a very similar crocheted white dress with a brown belt, denim jacket, and—you guessed it—cowboy boots. We first peeped this look back in May when noticed her freshly-dyed 'do, and, not to toot our horn or anything, but we totally guessed that this outfit was for her Made in the USA video. *hair flip* But what do you guys think of her new, all-American look? Let us know in the comments below!


Demi Lovato - "Behind The Scenes: Made In The USA"

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