Joe Jonas Gives Traditional African Garb A Spin

Joe Jonas Africa

Joe Jonas chillin' in Africa.
Photo: Joe Jonas' Instagram

In the rare instance that you don't follow Joe Jonas on Twitter/Instagram/Vine/every form of social media ever, he's visiting Africa right now—specifically, Kenya. And, to be honest, it looks like he's having a GRAND ol' time. He's hanging with a new friend named Wilson, and together they watch breath-taking sunsets, stroll with herds of elephants, and, apparently, drink some brewskies (above). During his week-long adventure he also decided to ditch his typical button-up and jeans look for traditional Maasai clothing, and we are weirdly mom-proud about it. :')

Oftentimes travelers are hesitant to dive head-first into new cultures, but Joe went all-out by shaving his head and sporting a traditional shúkà robe. He tied one red, checkered sheet over his shoulder, and then tied a separate piece around his bottom half. He topped off the look with an intricate necklace and bracelets that have a very long (and interesting!) history among the Maasai people. To see his outfit in action, check out Joe Jonas' Vines below!

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