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kristen bell veronica mars

Kristen Bell on the set of the upcoming 'Veronica Mars' movie.
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I had to write like seven intros to this piece because I was so overcome with emotion that this thing is finally happening. Like, I knew that the Veronica Mars movie had been successfully kickstarted, surpassing their $2 million goal by $3.7 million, and that filming began for an early 2014 release, but now that I have to organize my thoughts to write a post about K. Bell's outfit I'm just...

I basically feel like Kristen Bell when she found out that sloth was coming to her birthday party.

So during the show's run first on UPN and then on the CW, we watched V Mars evolve from outcast high schooler to super sleuth in college and now we have the extraordinary privilege of watching her work as an adult. While the plot details of the feature-length are still under wraps, what we can gauge from these shots on-set is that Veronica is all about her business.

kristen bell veronica mars

"Watch your back Mars."
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As an avid Marshmallow (Veronica Mars stan) who keeps track of these sorts of things, I love being privy to the transformation in the character's personal style. If you remember in the very beginning (mostly in flashbacks), Veronica used to be this uber-prep popular kid who hung with the rich-kid 09ers and had long, straight hair and snoozy clothes, then her bestie was murdered and she endured another HUGE personal trauma so she got her Lindsay Weir-esque grunge on in ring-tees, M65 army jackets and jeans. The show first aired in the early aughts though so there were a lot of baby tees and low-slung, boot-cut jeans.

kristen bell veronica mars

Kristen Bell in the original 'Veronica Mars' television series.
Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Now Veronica Mars is a name-taking, trench-wearing, grown-up (and Kristen Bell just had a kid, like, yesterday) who has clearly held on to the badassness that made us all fall in love with her in the first place. While the movie surpassed its goal, $5.7 million isn't a huge movie budget and while I have ZERO idea what the wardrobe bottom line is, I love that V Mars keeps the clothing convincing. It all looks like stuff the protagonist would wear as a grown up (did you know the OG star of the YA novel upon which the show was based was a dude? How weird is that?) in that it's not too on-trend or ostentatiously expensive-looking. In fact, I can't help but wonder if a replica of this coat with contrast leather sleeves couldn't be found at Zara where they practically specialize in attaching leather sleeves to a sizable assortment of outerwear.

kristen bell veronica mars

Kristen Bell and Chris Lowell on the set of the upcoming 'Veronica Mars' movie. We'll admit Piz looks cute here but we totally ship LoVe.
Photo: Splash News

My favorite thing about this series of photos, however, is that Kristen Bell's behind-the-scenes comfortable shoes are platform sneaker wedges, which she revealed she wears in shots where you can't see her feet. Total pro. Closed-toe for the set, tidier than a pair of Uggs, it definitely seems like something Veronica Mars would also be into. I COULD NOT BE MORE IMPATIENT for next spring. I also can't wait for Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard get "gay married" ASAP.

kristen bell veronica mars

P.S.- We had to include this photo because holy s***, these dudes look hot.
Photo: Courtesy of @HiRyanHansen's Twitter

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