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Emma Watson

Emma Watson only owns eight pairs of shoes.
Photo: Getty Images

Emma Watson recently admitted to owning only EIGHT pairs of shoes, because how many four-inch, black leather, almond toe pumps does one need, anyway? Looking at you, Mariah. {Vogue UK}

TOMS, the "one for one" pioneers who gave a household name to sensible canvas slippers, celebrated its 10 millionth shoe giveaway this week. Claps for good karma. {Telegraph}

• Apparently, you have a “birthday shoe” and apparently it says a lot about you. Just ask the experts of Shoestrology. {Amazon}

• In defense of the Birkenstock and Teva, one fashion editor wrote an inspiring ode to ugly shoes (still no Crocs, though). {Refinery29}

• And finally, a would-be robber in Atlanta was shot (in alleged self defense) by a customer waiting to buy LeBron X Denim sneakers. The customer(/hero?) then continued to wait in line for his sneakers because he didn't wake up early for NOTHING. {Huffington Post}