How Many Outfits Can Miley Cyrus Wear In 24 Hours? (So Far It's 5)

Miley Cyrus

The 5 outfits Miley Cyrus has worn in the past 24 hours.
Photo: Getty Images/Miley Cyrus' Twitter/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Miley Cyrus can't stop. Changing her clothes, that is. Just in case you haven't been keeping a vigilant eye on the platinum pixied pop star's sartorial exploits, she's worn (so far) five different outfits in the past 24 hours. FIVE. And that's only counting what she's actually stepped out of doors wearing. If Miley's anything like us when we get ready, we'd probably have to multiply by ten to account for the outfits that were tried but ultimately ended up on the dressing room floor. How does someone manage to wear this many looks in such a short amount of time? We'll unpack it for you.

Starting yesterday afternoon, Miley rolled up to the Jimmy Kimmel Live studios in a very Rihanna RIH-miniscent outfit: a black 2pac t-shirt over a barely visible pair of shorts and white heeled sandals. Once there, she changed and took to the stage in this black and white number—satin bomber jacket, cropped jersey top, high-waisted hotpants and OTK Louboutin boots. The jacket and crop top got a reprise as Miley kept it for her cross-country jet from L.A. to N.Y.C. *cue "Hopped on a plane at LAX"* This time, she wore them with baggy white pants and slider sandals. For her next performance on Good Morning America's Times Square rooftop venue, Miley kept the color palette and proportions but flipped it by wearing a black crop top (emblazoned with sequins and "I <3 NY" awwww) and FUZZY white hot pants. Finally, as she left GMA, Miley werked what we hope was her final look of the day: a paneled bra top with printed over-sized pants and those sliders again.

Which of Miley Cyrus' looks is your favorite?

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