Drake’s Love Letter To Versace: A Photo Diary

Versace Versace. Versace, Versace, Versace.
Photo: Getty/Drake Photo Booth

Drizzy Drake announced the official release date of his upcoming album Nothing Was The Same (September 17!) on Saturday, and celebrated the news by sharing four new songs. Among these “keep calm, my little ones” tracks is a remix to a song called “Versace” by Atlanta trio Migos.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve previously HEARD “Versace”, but the chorus is quite complex and needs to be experienced first hand to digest properly. Before we move on, press play and head directly to 1:35.


Just kidding, it’s not complex. It’s hilarious. (Quote: “Versace. Versace! Versace? Versace. Versace! Versace? Versace…”) Its original rendition already had enormous radio potential (these rascally youths love their repetitive hooks!), but Migos hit the jackpot on the remix with a rapid-fire guest verse from Master Aubrey Graham himself. (Now you can rewind and go to the beginning to hear it.)

The song is basically about being rich and awesome, but in our dream world it’s an earnest dedication stemming from Drake’s unlikely, yet steadfast and fanciful (and very faux) friendship with Donatella Versace. While this friendship is merely a fantasy, with almost 150 mentions of the word “Versace” in four minutes, this free marketing plug may result in a blossoming kinship (or at least an exchanging of pleasantries).

But now back to our dream world, where Aubrey and Donatella have been bosom buddies for at least three years. Here’s what the photos from their private collection might look like:

Early in the friendship…
Photo: Getty/Drake Photo Booth

In the beginning, Drake thought that Comme Des Garcons was fancy enough for attending events with Donatella, but he soon realized that he needed to buy more suits.

Sean Combs jealousy is a natural stage of life but fear not, for it shall pass.
Photo: Getty/Drake Photo Booth

Drake’s trying to act all cool, but inside he wishes that Donatella would hug him with the same tenderness that she hugs P. Diddy. This was early in the friendship though, so eventually things worked out for Drake.

Now accepting members in the Drakeatella Book Club.
Photo: Getty/Drake Photo Booth

Just tryna decide what to read for their first book club meeting. (They bonded over a mutual love of Hemingway and Candace Bushnell.)

Ain’t no party like a these people party cause a these people party don’t stop.
Photo: Getty/Drake Photo Booth

Ladies night! But they invited Drake along because he’s a super good wing man and when necessary, designated driver. Sometimes Donatella tells scumbags that Drake is her boyfriend so that they don’t mess with her.

So I says to Mabel, I says…
Photo: Getty/Drake Photo Booth

Donatella’s actually really good at telling jokes. Here, she’s probably telling the classic Donatella fave about the talking frog who tricked a bartender in Sicily.

Drake is actually holding Donatella’s bag, and vice versa.
Photo: Getty/Drake Photo Booth

Just waiting for the bus to go to the airport. They had a private jet waiting on the tarmac, so wanted to at least save money on ground transportation.

This dude’s got a camera! Let’s get him!
Photo: Getty/Drake Photo Booth

For awhile, they were a tight-knit trio but eventually Lady Gaga became more of a homebody and stopped calling. These things happen.

Drake does it for his city and also Donatella.
Photo: Getty/Drake Photo Booth

Goin to grab a slice after a solid night of dancing in the LES. Donatella doesn’t usually want to eat the whole slice, so Drake always shares his piece.

Drake’s playing his favorite game, Candy Crush.
Photo: Getty/Drake Photo Booth

Aubrey’s a real, true friend and will not hesitate to hold Donatella’s bag and stand off to the side while she poses for photographs with people like Posh Spice and Diane von Furstenberg.

Photo: Getty/Drake Photo Booth

Also, they both really love the 90s.


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