8 Ice Cream Nail Designs For The Coolest Summer Ever

Photo: Via Julia Martinez

In case you couldn’t tell by the permanent upper lip sweat and unmanageable frizz, SUMMER IS HERE, Y’ALL. The season officially kicked off on Friday, and we’re already hiding out in the A/C and eating nothing but cold things 24/7. Basically, this is just our way of admitting that we are going to consume way (WAY) too much ice cream in the coming months, so to celebrate our unrelenting affection for the cool confection, we rounded up some super sweet (heh) manicure that’ll (hopefully!) inspire you to trick out your tips. Whether it’s a melted, sprinkle-infusion design or a few scoops with a cherry on top, we have some seriously amazing nail art that you need to peep ASAP. Warning: this will make you incredibly hungry.

Photo: Via Lulu’s

Um, this is brilliant: Use one hand as the ice cream and the other hand as the cones for THE most decked-out dessert nails.

Photo: Via QT Place

Strawberry ice cream with a little bit of fudge? Yes, please! (P.S.- We love how they kept the base totally clear.)

Photo: Via That Leanne

Mmmmm… nothing better than a triple layer ice cream bar—especially 10 of ’em.

Photo: Via Nail Art Inc

Adding a little texture really takes it to the next level of awesome.

Photo: Via Risa Nail

We love how they switched up each nail with a different design AND did a double layer drip on some tips. *claps*

Photo: Via Chichicho

If you feel like walkin’ on the wild side, we’re into this set that mixes and matches leopard print and stars with the sweet treat.

Photo: Via CutePolish

For something a little simpler, we love this straight-up pink base with brown fudge drips. The best part is that there’s an entire video tutorial on how to re-create this look. YASSS.

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