Kanye West's 'W' Magazine Profile Basically Confirms A.P.C. Capsule Collection

Kanye West

Kanye West performs in South Africa.
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As is expected with every (extremely rare) Kanye West interview, the latest profile, this time from W Magazine is nowhere near short of grandiose quotables or eyebrow-raisingly candid moments. The piece is littered with Easter eggs for fans of Yeezy and general fashion alike from comparing Christianity to a Ralph Lauren store to mental images of Kanye eating stir-fried vegetables off an Hermes plate. (Keep it 100, Ye.) Most of the fashion community, ourselves included, has been focused on this reveal that "I Am A God" was inspired by an altercation Yeezy had with a major label designer who attempted to keep him from attending any other Fashion Week shows. We agree, that's a major fashion bomb, but there are actually a LOT more of those in this interview if you read carefully.

W's Christopher Badgley saves a little editorial real estate to discuss the risks Kanye has taken by trying his hand at creative outlets outside of music, recently, his debut women's fashion collection. He sets the scene, recalling the poor reviews for that first runway show "deeming it sloppily overwrought and marred by unfortunately placed zippers" but noting the markedly wider praise for his second. "The first collection was way better than the second," Kanye told W. "It was more artful. It was 30 collections in one. It just takes time for me to slow down and think like a normal person." He goes on to note that designers who have been working hard in the paint for years have a little more license to go wild with their collections, and that now he needs to "somehow put out something that says, 'I look sensible!'" It's the sentence right after this that really had us flipping out: Badgley writes, "That might be accomplished by his new men’s capsule collection of jeans, T-shirts, and hoodies for a hip French brand, to be unveiled in July." AJKLHFALDFJKAGH. WHAT?

After the initial shock, we went back to that "hip French brand" and remembered. Kanye's been spending a lot of time with Jean Touitou this year. The two are long-time friends who, according to this interview with GQ have been wanting to collaborate on clothing for a while now. With Yeezy's move to Paris, he's that much closer to the A.P.C. offices now, poised to do serious work on an understated range of duds for dudes. Or so we hope. We doubled back to the A.P.C. founder's Twitter account for any additional cues and were met with a retweet of this very W interview, presented without comment. Sure, that really doesn't give us anything conclusive, but it certainly doesn't help rule anything out either. The good news is: July is right around the corner which means, whatever this clothing collaboration is, we'll find out in due time.

{via W Magazine}

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