'The Hunger Games' Stylist Cinna Talks Capitol Fashion

The Hunger Games Cinna

Photo: Capitol Couture

To say we're excited about the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie is definitely an understatement. We are SO. PUMPED. to see the entire gang (Katniss! Peeta! Effie!) back on the big screen decked out in their finest duds, and thanks to the relaunch of the Capitol Couture Tumblr, they have been satiating our need for all-things Hunger Games until then. So far, we've gotten a peek at the official character portraits and even spotted an interview with costume designer Trish Summerville, but if there's one person we're DYING to hear from, it's the Capitol's most sought-after stylist, Cinna--the man who set the girl on fire.

Cinna's portrait, which showed him in his typical sleek, all-black attire, featured a sleeveless leather jacket, long sleeve shirt, patent cuffs, leather pants, and slip-on boots--the only color he wore was the signature gold shade around his lids. He told Capitol Couture that his love for fashion goes beyond just a career choice--it's his calling. “I always channel my emotions into my work." We still can't get over Katniss' fiery dress from the 74th Hunger Games, which was inspired by the coal mines from District 12. “What do we do with coal?” he asks. “We burn it.” We can't wait to see what sort of fashion amazingness Cinna brings next, and when asked what we should look forward to stylewise, he just shrugged and smiled, leaving us even more curious as to what jaw-dropping look he'll come up with next. But tell us, are you excited for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire fashion? Let us know in the comments below!

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