The 5 Most Difficult Outfits To Wear IRL From London's Men's Collections

Some might say there's a thin line between pushing the envelope and just being straight-up nonsensical. Fashion Week and all its other runway-laden permutations is a hotbed for that kind of style gray area and this week's London Men's Collections were no exception. Don't get us wrong, there were PUH-LENTY of gorgeous completely 100% wearable looks that stormed the catwalks across the pond, but there are ALWAYS going to be a few token ensembles you look at and think, "Umm, this exists?" Thus, we've rounded up what are, in our opinion, the five most difficult outfits to wear IRL from this season's presentations. Enjoy!


Nasir Mazhar

A look from Nasir Mazhar's Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
Photo: Getty Images

We're pretty sure it shouldn't come as a surprise that wearing a giant black plastic bucket on your head is going to present some vision issues, but even there ARE microscopic holes near the ocular region, it's probably just as difficult to walk into a coffee shop and be taken seriously when you're sporting this bad boy.


J.W. Anderson

A look from J.W. Anderson's Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
Photo: Getty Images

We know from one too many dresses that stay too tight in the shoulders that the above J.W. Anderson mini poncho would restrict your upper-body movement in a way that would be so annoying you'd just scrunch it up into a cowl scarf.



A look from MAN's Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
Photo: Getty Images

Speaking strictly to the garments, this tie-dyed MAN look is actually a perfectly believable ensemble. But if that life-size paper mache project is part of the package, good luck trying to do anything that requires two hands (ex: opening a door while you're on the phone, etc.)!


Xander Zhou

A look from Xander Zhou's Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
Photo: Getty Images

It's one thing to be taking risks with this very new shorter shorts hemline (for dudes, anyhow). Especially with the addition of that rigid garter belt. But to pair that with these exxxxtra-long sleeves? This just looks uncomfortable and potentially SO messy for those dangling cuffs.


Astrid Andersen

A look from Astrid Andersen's Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
Photo: Getty Images

Finally, we leave you with this Astrid Andersen creation. The clothes themselves actually don't look that difficult to wear or put on. It's the whole walking around with a baby oil-slicked chest and set of abs that should be on the cover of Men's Health and not slipping on a puddle of drool that you've incited that would be the problem.

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