LeBron James Loses Headband, Sends Twitter Into Overdrive

LeBron James

LeBron James transforms after losing his headband in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals. Watch out, Tony!
Photo: Getty Images

You know how there's that totally illogical reveal element to the Superman story where suddenly Clark Kent can transform into the Man of Steel just by taking off his glasses? This ridiculous notion that ONE accessory can catalyze a complete alteration of character? Like, dudes, we can all still tell Clark Kent is just a four-eyes, suited-up version of Superman. Welp, apparently, it's not that ridiculous since that's exactly what went down last night when LeBron James lost his headband in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals. In truth, it really wasn't just James that propelled the Heat to stave off elimination and force the series against the San Antonio Spurs into a Game 7 (there's no "I" in team, etc.etc.), but (with the HUGE exception of Mike Miller and his one-shoed three-pointer), no one else's in-game style took a hold of Twitter in quite the same Superman moment way as LeBron and his headband. And now that we think about it, they ARE both from Ohio...

The Heat had been trailing the Spurs for the majority of the game, and things were shaping up in a way that would secure the Spurs franchise its fifth Championship title. Until that headband fell. James' headband has already been a kind of running joke in the NBA as a kind of disguise for his receding hairline, so when it dropped the knee-jerk Twitter reaction (aside from feeling the need to comment on it) was shock.


But instead of having a kind of Samson without his hair moment of defeat, the freak athlete we all know LeBron to be reared its head. In that fourth quarter, after losing that headband, he started to turn the trajectory around, helping the Heat tie up the score and force the game into overtime.


And then, as most things that find their way into public consciousness and marinate on the internet (see: Justin Bieber's ECF Game 7 outfit, the LeBron Headband meme mutated and got hilariously out of control.


The question is: will LeBron James wear his headband in Game 7 this Thursday?

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